So who was in bed with Chelsea? Her husband or the media? Her guy might want to divorce her now on grounds of cheating. The media seems more happy than he is. That’s suspicious.

This immature douchbag in the White House makes me want Bush back for the rest of the douchbags term and I was NOT a Bush fan but wow Obama is some kind of alien stupid I’ve never seen before

There needs to be designated areas in coffee shops for people who use outlets and those who don’t

Right now the only two seats near the only outlet that’s available are occupied by two guys reading books.

And there are not just any outlets, these babies also have USB ports and my phone is about to die. I fucking hate people.

Hey Obama, about your 8 million sign ups…

8 million PAGE VIEWS does not count as actual enrollees. Learn how the Internet works. FFS, do you even know how to google?

So I’m at Dunkin Donuts doing some work after dropping my kid off at school and there’s these 2 guys in suits talking AS LOUD AS FUCK and the shorter guy has the most obnoxious fucking hyena laugh I’ve ever heard. I can’t even concentrate. I’m about to tell both to shut the fuck up. Rude assholes piss me off.